Aug 2014
ski lessons in chamonix

Ski lessons in Chamonix If you’re thinking about booking some ski lessons in Chamonix for this coming winter. Let us give you a heads up and the low down to ensure you have the best possible experience. Book Early: ToView >>

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Apr 2014
Tinderbox Video

I’ve finally got round to adding a Tinderbox video page to the site. It’s been a little chicken and egg as I never really had any good ski footage. This season i’ve been getting out with the Gopro  as oftenView >>

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Dec 2013
Avalanche forecast

Here’s a link to the Chamonix avalanche forecast produced by Meteo France. It’s in French but has some good graphics to get the message across. Tip: Look at the avalanche risk on the danger scale and see how that links upView >>

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Dec 2013
Snow in the forecast

Finally we have some snow in the forecast to kick off the season. We have 30cm to 60cm in the forecast over the next couple of days. We spent the weekend looking at the snow on our avalanche safety L1View >>

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Aug 2013
Summer NEWS

Hello and welcome to the summer news post for August 13.

Summer for Chris and Sarah as usual has been full of short days and skiing. Based down in New Zealand’s South Island and the alpine town of Wanaka. With Spring on the way Chris says he’s torn between preparing for another Chamonix winter and planning some spring touring missions in NZ. Not a bad position to be in we think.


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Jan 2013
Avalanche Safety Tips

Avalanche danger scale

Take more than just a ‘colour’ or ‘number’ with you when heading off-piste or into the backcountry. Find out what the specific dangers are for that day and the area you plan to ski. Where and what are the hazards and are they specific to certain terrain features, elevation, aspect or slope angle?

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Dec 2012
Days off

Mark Austin recently qualified Kiwi mountain guide and Tinderbox team member Chris Fecher head out in search of fresh snow and adventure.

We love laying that first track through the powder snow, because we know what it means when we get to the top of the climb. First tracks! Laying the first track usually also means that the hoards will not be to far behind, especcially…

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